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Spring cleaning – tips and tricks

Winter- Ready Homes: 8 Tips for Canterbury Residents

Yes, it’s that time of year – the ground is thawing and daylight hours are getting slightly longer. Spring flowers are beginning to blossom with the promise of long summer days and balmy warm evenings. Right now could just be the perfect time to freshen up and ‘spring clean’ after your winter hibernation. 

But, let’s face it, thinking about everything all at once is daunting. So we’ve broken it down into some key areas and tasks. Plus a few tips from the team. This is not by any means a full cleaning plan, and every household has different cleaning needs. We suggested you carve out time over a few days or weekends and you’ll be surprised how easy it is, not to mention rewarding once it’s complete. 

HOME SHOW TEAM PRO TIP – Get a playlist together to add some upbeat fun to the process, help make time go faster, and keep yourself motivated! 



Bedding and pillows:

Change out your winter sheets with crisp fresh linen and exchange winter weight duvets with lighter versions. This is a great time to wash pillows and mattress toppers too. 

HOME SHOW TEAM PRO TIP – Store winter linen together all inside matching pillow cases – you’ll thank us for this when you find everything together in one place come time to change over again for winter.

Make a bed, girl making her bed in room after wake up.


You can get your mattress professionally cleaned or freshen it up by vacuuming and flipping (if it needs it) and then lightly spritz with a solution like eucalyptus oil and water (1:4 ratio). *but you don’t have to use this recipe a simple google search will show a lot of other DIY fresheners too. 


With the promise of warmer weather on the way, it’s time to reorganise, pack away bulky winter garments, throw out clothes that have seen better days and donate items that you haven’t worn all season – but could still be loved by someone else. 

Young woman throwing clothes in walk in closet. Mess in wardrobe and dressing room

General cleaning:

Move the bed out from the wall to give the floor a full vacuum, dust the bed frame & bedside tables, skirting boards and window sills & windows. And if you can, leave the windows open all day to ‘let the room breath’. 



Often the heart of the household – however this can also be a dumping ground for clutter. But take the time to clear out and sort the contents of your cupboards and drawers to free up space for organised storage. Clear out the ‘junk drawer’, sort and organise the pantry, throw out anything past expiration date. You might even be surprised at how this organisation makes meal prep an easier process.  We found a great story with examples of pantry storage from the pros (link here).


Houseman cleaning the kitchen with rag at home


Take everything out, throw out all expired goods, wipe all shelves, wash all veggie bins and small accessory fixtures. And to combat any odours try a home remedy like leaving a cut lemon or small saucer of baking soda on a shelf. 

Waste bin:

Wash, disinfect and leave out in the sun to air dry. 


Just like any other appliance your dishwasher gets built up grime inside. You can purchase dishwasher cleaning products or try this solution:  Place a cup of white vinegar in a dishwasher-safe container on the upper rack of the machine. Run the dishwasher through a hot-water cycle. This will wash away built up grease or grime while removing odors, too. *Always Check your appliance manual for cleaning advise first and foremost


Handles, control knobs, trivets, trays etc are usually ignored during a general clean, so make sure you take the time to deep clean your appliances, including a deep clean of the oven. Make your stainless steel appliances shine again, give them special attention by simply cleaning in the same direction as the ‘grain’ using microfibre cloth with a little water and detergent. 


You can mop your kitchen floor with specialist timber or tile floor cleaner, or just add six drops of dishwashing liquid or half a cup of white vinegar into half a bucket of warm water to get your floors back to a condition you could eat off… not recommended through!  

Young man cleaning oven with rag in kitchen, closeup


A little elbow grease and a few hardworking products can turn a much-used wet room into a welcome sanctuary. 


‘Shower scum’ builds up on shower tiles and glass doors easily. Spray down with shower cleaner and mould killing products, give it a little time to work, scrub and rinse off. To get tile grout looking lovely again use a heavy-duty grout brush, which is also effective for cleaning nooks and crannies around the screen. Help prevent more scum building up with a grout sealer like ‘Selleys White for life’. 


Declutter the vanity and toss out any products that have expired or are not being used. Think about what you store there and employ simple storage and sorting solutions to keep clutter at bay. 

HOME SHOW TEAM PRO TIP – repurpose old body exfoliation gloves to gently but effectively clean soap scum from fittings in the shower, bath and sink. It’s easier to get into the nooks and crannies.  

House cleaning. Woman is cleaning in the bathroom at home.


Breath life back into your living room if you and the family have been hibernating a little and keeping heat in by closing doors and windows.  Always start from top moving down and work your way around the room – pay attention wiping the tops of doors and window frames. Most likely there will be a build up of dust on surfaces due to less ventilation in the winter months.  

Light fittings:

Often a collection zone for insect bodies – now’s the time to remove these unwanted guests along with any accumulated dust. 


If your furniture is heavy get help moving it to free the collection of ‘Dust bunnies’ that congregate under areas where a vacuum or broom don’t usually reach. And while the furniture is away from the edges of the room wipe down the hidden skirting boards. Always a fun game – remove the couch cushions and see what treasures have slipped down the crevices… (this used to be a gold mine when we were more of a cash carrying culture) but still, you never know what you’ll find.   

Blinds and Shutters:

Using dusters or specialist blind tools is a good start, but if you’ve neglected the build up you may need to wet clean each component with a cloth. 

HOME SHOW TEAM PRO TIP – Use a sock… yes a sock. Place and old sock over your hand and dampen in a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water running it between each blind or shutter. 


Take floor rugs outside for a thorough shake out and leave in the fresh air to naturally deodorise. For carpeted areas perform a deep clean vacuum, using one of the many foams or brush in products to lift stains and deodorise. *Always check your flooring care instructions first

For a more professional finish you can hire wet vac machines from many supermarkets, or call in the professionals. Just make sure to leave enough time in the day to let the flooring dry completely with windows and doors open. 

vase of flower on round glass table with set of sofa in modern living room interior design concept


Ahh the laundry, hiding place of missing socks, hair ties and other small miscellaneous items. Start by assessing the clutter, check use by dates on cleaning products and get in behind to extract lost items and free up workspace.  

Laundry sign

FUN FIND – check out this cute DIY idea to you help match up lost socks on Etsy because socks are best in pairs.

Washing machine:

Front loaders in particular can be a breeding ground for mould which can smell, especially in the rubber seals around the door so thoroughly clean around and inside. And don’t forget the detergent draw, give it a scrub and rinse. 


If you’ve been relying on the Dryer all winter there may be excess dust in the laundry area. Wipe the walls, the machines themselves and all surfaces well. While you’re at it remember to clear the lint from the Dryers lint trap. You really should clear the dryer filter of lint after every 1-2 loads but we recommend taking the opportunity to give it a really thorough clean to improve efficacy. 


Some people enjoy cleaning and others… not so much! But you can’t deny the satisfaction of a home that has had a good old spring freshen up! ENJOY!

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