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Building or Adding Storage Solutions

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It’s easy to create a lot of storage space in a sizeable home, but not all of us are blessed with a surplus of massive closets and strategic built-in cabinetry. Luckily there are plenty of other creative ways to store all your essentials with storage solutions.

Proof? We’re challenging the traditional way of thinking about what ‘storage’ is. Check out these 8 ideas, from DIY Storage solutions to easy shop-able tricks. Use these ideas as a starting point for your projects to make the most out of potential storage areas.

Use empty space in the bathroom. 

This very smart idea for bathroom storage makes use of the empty space behind the bathtub. The custom solution provides accessible shelves that slide out of sight when not in use (plus a handy towel hook).

Before you or your cabinetmaker build the shelves, evaluate what you’ll store on them to make sure there is enough height.

Want to give the impression of a bigger bathroom while incorporating this storage solution? Paint the cabinets a similar shade as the walls, or even tile the area if the tile shape and size permit.Bathroom storage

Stairway to storage solutions

How about turning some steps into drawers? You probably won’t want all of them to be like this, but a few close to the bottom of the staircase would be useful for shoes and other items known clutter up your hallway and stairs as shown here.

Slide out Staircase storage

Add spacious under-seat storage. 

Window seats are amazing for making use of natural light to give you a lovely place to rest, read, and relax. But in practical terms they can provide extra storage, with space for your families favourite books and toys as seen here.

You could have open storage to display your prized possessions, slide away bins, doors to hide away items or a combination of both.

window seat toy storage


Mind the Gap!

Even the slimmest of slim spaces in the kitchen can be transformed into valuable storage. At about 10-12cm wide, this DIY cabinet perfectly houses spices, oils, cans and more. You could give this slide and hide DIY storage solution a go one weekend with some wood boards, dowels, castors, and this tutorial.



Rub-a-Dub Tub

A built-in bath tub surround typically provides enough space to house tilt-out storage for extra bathroom essentials. Stash your favourite bath bubbles, shampoos and conditioners, plus cleaning products here. They’ll be easily accessible but out of view.  Just be careful to make them lockable to keep any younger family members safe if you do store chemicals in there.



Use Architectural Elements

Do you have any decorative beams or other architectural details in or around your home? Why not consider adding a small door into them to provide smart, and not-likely-to-get-noticed storage areas. Our example shows a decorative element in the garden not only concealing garden tools above—but the air conditioning unit below! Genius!

Decorative Storage outside

Don’t hide it, beautify it 

Transfer your detergent pods and other laundry supplies to something a little prettier than the original packaging—like a glass container. This way, you can have them ready to go and out in the open in style.

Laundry display storage

Look up and down for more options 

Don’t even have enough wall space for classic floating shelves? Opt for one thats sits above the doorframe. You can keep items up there you don’t use frequently but don’t want to stash in a more permanent storage location. Then add extra cubbies for shoes under a bench by cutting plywood and painting it the same colour as the bench.

Over door storage

There are endless DIY storage solutions out there to help you say goodbye to clutter and chaos and hello to a happy, organised home!

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