The Glassroom

The Glass Room is a company which specializes and invests in the design and manufacture of architectural art glass, providing an innovative approach for designers, home owners, and architects alike. With most building products, the design fraternity are generally presented with a number of limited options, however, as a glass design and build service The Glass Room can offer custom-made glass products to both commercial and residential projects.

This means textures which have never been seen before can be produced even if it’s only a single panel that is required. Producing glass which can be invisible then at a flick of a button is an impenetrable wall is now here. Using the entire glass wall of a 10 storey building as a canvas is a reality not a dream. Our reality is that home owners and designers alike seek a uniqueness, that gives a special edge or finish. The difference between something which looks and fits perfectly to something which doesn’t comes down to experience and that’s what we as producers and designers bring to the table. We are not interested in finding reasons why something cannot be done.

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