Friday 18 - Sunday 20 October 2024
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Solar Group

Have you seen others take on the solar challenge but aren’t sure if you’re ready? Perhaps you wanted to see if it really works first, or maybe you’re waiting for the technology to reach its peak.

The truth is, the best time to switch is always going to be now. Because paying full price for your power is like renting a house when you can quite comfortably buy one. As soon as you make the change, your budget will open up — leaving you room to make purchases you didn’t think possible before.

The best thing is that an adaptable solar panel system will allow you to make changes easily. No hand wiring or cracking into existing walls — with a SolarCorp system, it’s almost as simple as plugging your panels into an extension cord.

Why listen to us?

Having worked in the electrical industry since 1995, we’ve seen the rise and evolution of modern solar technology, offering increasing cost efficiency for homeowners. Yet, most people aren’t aware there’s a difference in solar panels — which has led to many being trapped in limited solar systems with poor flexibility and little opportunity for expansion.

With high product demand and in-depth knowledge of the tech possibilities, we’ve been innovating since 2014 to pair people with the best solar systems on the market. Working with only the top-tier supplies, we’ve continued to bridge a gap in the market, setting a standard for energy output and safety. All our systems use microinverters and provide large wattage/high-performing panels for the best PV (photovoltaic) solar systems.

With over forty-five years in electrical engineering and roofing, we’ve helped hundreds of customers through our installations and by spreading the word about efficient solar systems. We’re passionate about supporting people in choosing the best PV solar options out there and continuing to futureproof Kiwi homes with energy-efficient solutions.

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