Friday 18 - Sunday 20 October 2024
Wolfbrook Arena Addington

New Zealand Home Loans Christchurch East

NZHL is a home loan and insurance provider that approaches things a little differently. We’re a purpose driven (financial freedom, faster) organisation that saves Kiwi’s millions in interest costs every year.
We do this by providing personalised service with continuous coaching, a smart home loan and insurance structure, and advisory support and tools that put clients in control, all 50,000 (and counting) of them!
NZHL is different, we’re genuinely in this to help you achieve financial freedom, faster. It is not unusual for NZHL clients to pay off, or be on track to pay off, their mortgages more than 10 years sooner by working with us.
Through the home show we are offering a free comparison with your current home loan structure, we could help you take years off your mortgage, which will give life a whole new look!!

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