Friday 18 - Sunday 20 October 2024
Wolfbrook Arena Addington

Maria Buhrkuhl Photography

We offer top quality award winning beautiful imagery in either a studio or location setting of your choice. We work with you to choose the best environment and feel for your portraits, through to creating stunning artworks ready to display in your home. We offer a complete photographic solution of creating, designing and producing professionally printed and crafted artworks for your style of home. We love what we do and our goal is for you to enjoy and adore your artworks everyday now and in the future.

Visual cues, such as a family portraits on the wall, reinforces the family
unit, especially when kids are younger and still learning about the significance of family/whanau.
Most of us have plenty of snaps stored on phones or computers but these are only accessible once prompted.
We cannot underestimate how much a family benefits from having family portraits displayed in the home and the impact seeing love, connection and a sense of family has on our mood and our wellbeing every day.

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