Intuitive Landscapes

Intuitive landscapes is based in Christchurch, New Zealand.
The principal Landscape Architect is Christine Bell

Christine is an experienced Landscape Architect. She graduated from Canterbury and Lincoln Universities more than 35 years ago.

Christine specializes in garden design.
Previously Christine worked for councils for 10 years including 3 years as Senior Landscape Architect for the Christchurch City Council. At the Christchurch City Council Christine supervised a staff of five, designed parks, contributed to roading and waterway improvements, subdivisions, City Plans and planning proposals. She has written articles, planning reports and taught at Lincoln University and Hagley Community College. Her current focus is on garden design.

If you are interested in garden design Christine would love to meet you. She will come and listen to your requirements and gain an awareness of what you like and don't like about your property. She will get a feel for the site as well as your needs and then give you a quote for your garden design. You may want just a few ideas or a more substantial garden plan. For a more detailed plan Christine likes to work in two stages: To sort out the 'layout' or proposed structure of the garden first, to ensure that you are happy with this before attending to the detail of planting design.

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