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At Hagley Windows and Doors, we have been supplying the South Island construction industry since 1983, making us one of the most experienced and largest NZ owned window manufacturers in the country.
Here in Mainland Aotearoa, we tend to feel the extremes of summer heat and winter freeze a little more strongly than many of our Northern cuzzies, alongside a host of other potential issues that can all help to reduce our comfort levels.
The more windows you have, and the bigger they are, the more important it is to really carefully consider your options when it comes to joinery and glass types. Our team at the 2021 Home Show can discuss your needs for joinery for a new build, or for renovating an existing home, and can delve into the specifics of how to design your windows to deal with particular issues such as greater heat retention, reducing solar heat gain, noise pollution, passive ventilation or UV filtration.
Not every home has the same requirements – come and talk to us about yours!

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