Friday 18 - Sunday 20 October 2024
Wolfbrook Arena Addington

Freeform Alfresco

Freeform Alfresco was born from a desire to reduce our waste material. For more than 20 years Freeform Laminates has been producing Toilet Cubicles from Compact Laminate. The recent progression to gender neutral bathroom facilities, and the greater demand for additional privacy in the bathroom space, left us with offcuts too good to throw out but too short to be useful. After much brainstorming and too much coffee, the ideas developed and grew, finally morphing into Freeform Alfresco.

Dekton, was our obvious choice for benchtop and cabinet front material due to its exceptional durability outdoors. It has been cleverly combined with Compact Laminate, foamed PVC & Hettich 304 Stainless steel hardware. The combining of these materials has formed Freeform Alfresco. We draw on skills and machinery across both Freeform Laminates and Freeform Stone. With design, manufacture and install all completed by Freeform staff we confidently give a quality assurance to all Alfresco customers.

Our first year of Freeform Alfresco was spent refining all designs & climate testing our chosen materials. Although each kitchen appears simple, it is filled with hidden innovation and construction detail. Utilising several different materials in an outdoor application, required vigorous testing & thoughtful design. Every detail of construction has been carefully considered, making allowances for differing rates of expansion and contraction within our chosen materials. We set out to design and produce a quality product that defied the aging process and required very little maintenance, Freeform Alfresco is the reality of our vision.

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