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AirCare Heat Pump Cleaning

Welcome to AirCare, your trusted partner in maintaining healthy homes! We know Kiwi’s really value their heat pumps and want to have them working at their best throughout the year!

So at AirCare we offer one of the most competitive, high quality heat pump cleans in New Zealand to ensure you are not compromising on air quality.

Breathe Easy, Live Healthy:

In 2024 it’s never been harder to stay healthy, with stress around every corner and the impact of the last 3-5 years (which is still being measured and understood.) So at AirCare we suggest the ‘smart move’ is to take any easy wins for looking after your immune system and your health generally!

So to support that our services have some key areas of impact, even at our level one Deep Clean service.

1.Respiratory Bliss: Say goodbye to sinus congestion and irritation caused by mould, bacteria, and allergens circulating through your heat pump.

Feel Good Inside: Dirty heat pumps contribute to headaches, fatigue, and discomfort – let’s transform your space into the haven of well-being it should be.

2. Elevate Your Indoor Air Quality:

Global Health Solution: Indoor air quality is a top global concern, and we’re here to address it. Our cleaning services mitigate 75% of indoor air pollution issues.

A Healthier Space: Regular cleaning ensures your living or working environment stays healthy and free from pollutants.

3. Guard Against Microbial Intruders:

Ideal Breeding Grounds: Heat pumps can unknowingly harbor germs, mold, and allergens. Our services eliminate these contaminants, safeguarding your air quality.

4. Defend Against Allergies and Infections:

Allergen-Free Zone: Dust mites, pollen, and pet dander are no match for our thorough cleaning. Perfect for those with allergies or asthma.

Infection Prevention: Our maintenance services stop airborne infections in their tracks, fostering a healthier indoor space.

5. Optimise Your System’s Performance:

Efficiency Unleashed: Clean heat pumps operate at peak efficiency. Don’t let accumulated debris force your system to work harder and consume excess energy.

Longevity Guaranteed: Regular cleaning not only enhances performance but also extends the lifespan of your heat pump.

6. Embrace Fresh, odour-free Air:

Refreshing Atmosphere: Experience the pleasure of a clean, odour-free environment as we eliminate unpleasant smells caused by mould, bacteria, or debris.

Ready for a Healthier Home or Workspace? Schedule Your AirCare Cleaning Today!

Don’t compromise on your well-being. Join countless others who have chosen AirCare for a cleaner, healthier indoor experience. Follow the link below to schedule your heat pump cleaning now.

Our cleans are a straight forward progression system with each step up you receive a more comprehensive clean with added value. However not all products will be appropriate for the current condition of your Heat Pump and we always like to ensure you pay the for the right product! So when our techs arrives they will inspect the In/outdoor units and make sure the service you’ve paid for is the one you need….

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