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There are many ways you can maximise your presence and return on investment with the Christchurch Home Show. And there's NO COST for extra exposure!


Our Christchurch subscriber database comprises of 39,000+ quality local homeowners who have opted in to receive communication about our events.


In the lead up to the Home Show we send these customers emails that include a list of exhibitors, including any special offers, competitions or new products that will be at the Show, as well as an overview of the key features and highlights.


This is a great opportunity to get your product info and brand in front of a targeted visitor audience to promote your business before they get to the Home Show – be top of mind!


And the only cost involved is a little bit of time to email us your info. Here’s what we’re looking for so we can promote within our Home Show marketing campaign:


If you have a relatively 'new product' - or the latest model of a relevant product - tell us so we can promote this on our website and within our marketing campaign.

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If you’re running specials and/or a prize competition at the Home Show, let us know so we can tell Show visitors.

Click 'More Info' for examples from earlier this year.

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If you have any recent (relevant) blog articles that you would like considered for inclusion on our blog site, please feel free to submit these along with images.

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Simply email your copy, images and/or offers through to:

[email protected]

Oh, and here’s a few extra ‘tools’ you might be interested in:


Here's a few tools you can utilise within your social media and customer communications to highlight your presence at the Home Show. Don't forget to tell them that it's FREE ENTRY!

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Aside from your product or service, did you know that data is your most valuable asset?

From simple data collection to targeted lead generating, our ticketing partner, Lup, has a solution to suit all. From as little as $253, this is a great, cost-effective tool for new customer follow up and post-show sales!

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The A to Z of exhibiting at the Christchurch Home Show!

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Marketing the Canterbury Home Show!

Attracting the right quality audience is critical to the success of the Canterbury Home Show, and ultimately your success at achieving a great ROI.


Therefore our campaign is designed to directly target (predominantly) homeowners who have an interest in home improvement, renovation and/or home building.


The media buy and campaign messaging is a direct reflection of this targeting in both our ATL (above-the-line) and BTL (below-the-line) marketing.


Our campaign consists of: Print ads, Radio ads, Onsite footage with Chris Lynch, and a VERY strong, targeted Digital, Online and Social campaign, not to mention Direct Marketing to our highly valuable, targeted subscriber database of over 43,000+ local customers.


Messaging is key, and promoting that we have the best range of quality exhibitors (specific to their home building and renovating needs) at the Show is our strongest attraction.


That’s why, we promote our exhibitors in our digital, online and social campaigns as much as possible, and highlight the key categories our target audience is interested in.


And all this means great extra exposure for your brand!  So make sure you’re giving us your product info, great imagery, specials etc so we can market this to our HUGE online audience!

Simply email your copy, images and/or offers through to:

[email protected]