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Rain Tanks NZ

200 litre water container and rain collection system. Start collecting rainwater from your roof today!

Active Flow

If you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to a traditional septic tank, the team at ActiveFlow can help design and install an effective, cost-efficient and reliable power-free wastewater system for your home or commercial premises. We are passionate believers in the power and utility of passive wastewater treatment systems for new dwellings, including septic […]

Austin Bluewater Environmental Limited

Building a new home? Let us help you make one of the most important decisions about your rural home – managing your household’s wastewater. Traditionally known as Septic Tanks, todays systems are much more advanced and better for the environment than the septic tank you may remember from your grandparents farm or rural property and […]

Central Heating New Zealand

Central Heating New Zealand is the country’s largest dedicated hydronic heating company. With 23 years of experience and specialists in radiator and underfloor whole-home comfort, we ensure every room in the home is evenly heated. With over 13,600 new and existing home installations, choose us to warm your next home or project.

The Alternative Energy Company

We specialize in energy efficient hot water system and high R value PIR sheets insulation panels. Our hot water system uses solar thermodynamic technology, essentially a solar assisted air to water heat pump. It is 30% more efficient than a standard air to water heat pump because of the solar gain from the solar thermodynamic […]

Oasis Clearwater Environmental

Oasis Clearwater Environmental Systems are New Zealand’s onsite wastewater experts, and their wastewater treatment systems and technology has been at the forefront for almost 30 years. Building your new dream home? Oasis Clearwater Environmental Systems are efficient, effective and the environmentally friendly sewage system choice for home owners. Their on-site domestic wastewater systems are perfect […]