Tropical Infusion

Both relaxing and spiritually uplifting, Tropical decor is your best escape from winters icy grasp.  With this interior theme, don’t be afraid to think creatively; it’s both floral and textured design – but not as you know it.  It’s a clashing of bold and warming colours, a mix of foliage and sea themed prints set alongside sleek natural textures.  Let’s get into how you can achieve this is your home…



When it comes to colour, think landscape; rare tree frogs, beautiful birds, or exotic flowers as inspiration.  Look at hues based on the colours of your existing space and furniture then go bold.  Raspberry, aqua, plum, peach, olive or purples are all tropically infused colours; you don’t have to paint the room, a small amount will go a long way.  So, whether it’s just a bright throw, an accent pillow or picture frame – it’s all about creating a moment of coloured intensity for the eye.

Print and patterning

What would tropical décor be without print?  Look at introducing fresh and textured weaves into your space that may remind you of the many guises of a verdant green forest, from the long fronds of a palm to the moss covered base of an old gnarled tree.  These prints and embroidery can settle in quite happily into your room on pillows, through framed prints or even wallpapered to a small area.


Besides purifying the air and bringing in a natural sense of wellbeing, nothing helps you to feel closer to nature than nature itself!  Indoor tropical plants definitely help set the mood in your space. Some easy options include air plants, yucca plants, raphis palms and philodendrons.  Just be mindful that some species (like the monstera deliciosa) can be poisonous, so make sure to do your research before you make any purchases – which is important if you have small children or pets!


Natural textures like polished wood, wicker, hide, leather, grasscloth and brass all say tropical décor.  Fabrics including cotton and linen then complement these pieces to create variation and contrast.  Layer these in amongst your current furniture to create interest in your room, whether its plants in bamboo baskets, comfy cane chairs or wood nestling tables, they’ll work brilliantly!

Sheer Light

Nothing says tropical getaway more than drapes of translucent sheers fluttering in the early evening breeze.  A tropical home needs lots of sunlight to look both fresh and cheerful so curtains in a sheer fabric are the best for letting in plenty of natural light.  Make sure to choose sheers in white or off-white backgrounds for that truly tropical feel.  And the only thing that’s missing? Sitting in a wicker chair, sipping on a piña colada adorned with a vibrant cocktail umbrella, of course!

For more home interior ideas on how to create your tropical oasis, come and talk to the home renovation and interior design experts at the Canterbury Home Show, 13th – 15th October at the Horncastle Arena, Addington.  See for ticket details.