Sizeable Downsizing

With our growing ageing population continuing its migration to smaller urban dwellings; so too is the design of the inner-city home.  With the recent announcement of more than 120 homes to be built in Christchurch’s east frame, we’ve taken a moment to look at what it means to downsize – and how to do it in style.

Think multi-functional

When it comes to furniture in your downsized residence, pieces that are multi-functional – like storage beds that have either drawers or cubbies underneath – are the way to go.  The aim is to look for stylish pieces that allow you create space and keep your floor area clear; which in-turn helps to make the room feel less cluttered.

Greenery welcome

Just because your backyard may have all but disappeared, doesn’t mean your green thumb should!  Not having to worry about weeds and mowing is absolutely a bonus of urban living, but if you’re a plant lover then look at embracing indoor plants. Low-maintenance varieties are perfect for some indoor greenery, though if you have a balcony; flowers and herb potted gardens are also super easy to achieve.

Small but no less stylish

With a smaller space comes a smaller, but no less stylish bathroom.  A perfectly formed bathroom space can be both intimate and functional in its design.  Make no mistake, there’s no compromise on comfort and style – rather a calm elegance in form and practicality.

Creating new space

New players on the apartment scene tend to push their furniture up against the wall to make use of the floor space – but wait.  By pulling your furniture away from the walls (even an inch); it actually has the clever effect of making your space feel bigger.  Don’t forget to take advantage of your available vertical space as well.  In the kitchen, you’re likely to have little less cabinet or counter storage than you’re used to, so maximise your layout by utilising the wall above the door for pans, pots, or plants.  Above the door is really one of those forgotten areas that no one really seems to take advantage of!

Embrace art, embrace colour

With the resurgence of beautifully textured wallpapers available on the market, there’s no reason to keep your townhouse blankly neutral.  Look at creating an accent wall (the wall behind your bedhead is always a good place to start) utilising colour to create the mood you’re looking for.  When moving into a smaller space, your instinct is to probably cull your larger, statement artworks in favour of lots of smaller pieces.  But don’t.  Through using those favourite, larger artworks you end up creating a space that feels less cluttered and more open.

For more design inspiration, and to view products or furnishings that are perfect for stylish urban living, come and visit the Canterbury Home Show, 13th – 15th October at the Horncastle Arena, Addington.  Book your tickets now at