Privacy Please

Everyone should have the right to not be observed or disturbed in their own home, but urbanisation has made privacy a challenge. While it’s said ‘good fences make good neighbours’ it’s sometimes not enough to protect you from the gazes of next door or glances from the street. Reclaim your seclusion with these interesting ideas…

Decorative privacy screens can be more than just a functional fixture, they can be a work of art that extends and compliments the interior décor of a home. Metal panels with laser cut designs are particularly popular as they offer bespoke statement pieces to decorate blank walls, partition off areas or as panels in fencing.


It grows fast, is low maintenance, fits in with most garden styles and there is a variety for nearly every requirement – bamboo is a winner for quick privacy. Go for a clumping bamboo and plant in a large pot or enclosed trough in the soil so the underground roots are contained. They also work well above ground if you choose a planter large enough for the eventual size of your chosen variety to grow into.

Hedges are a delightful natural alternative to a fence, can be affordable and attractive and can be used as more than just borders on a property.  They can take time to grow to the height you desire and require maintenance but will serve you well in the long run. Their density means they make great windbreakers, absorb noise and provide shelter for plants and wildlife.

Outdoor Curtains
In addition to being an affordable way to provide privacy, outdoor curtains can also separate spaces in your lawn or garden and shade you from the sun; but their biggest advantage is to utilise their unlimited choices in fabric and pattern. Sheer and shimmery blow gently in the breeze and can offer a bohemian feel to your outdoor space, while classic canvas is functional and sturdy. Their versatility doesn’t stop there – they can be removed for cleaning, winter storage or quick changeout.

High Planters
Choose tall, lightweight divider troughs to raise the starting height of your garden.  Stick with the same colour pot for the majority and choose plants of differing stature to provide greenery at all levels. Use the planters to create different areas in the space and as backrests to garden furniture. Well executed, you can use the planters to keep an area looking tidy without the maintenance a more permanent garden can require.

Dense varieties of climbers can be trained to become an effective privacy screen with some support, attention and care. You can choose straight greenery, go for spectacular floral statements or choose edibles like grapes, passionfruit or peas.  Climbing plants grow in different ways including wrap, adhere and curl, so get advice on whether you should use lattice, wire, poles or something else to create your living screen.

These are just a few ideas to stop prying eyes invading your space with the bonus of shielding your own view of whatever is going on in their backyard.

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