Maximise Space – Small Living Tips

Small spaces, compact living, minimalism and tiny homes – no matter what you call it, ‘small living’ and making the most of your space is a massive phenomenon. It coincides with the positive changes associated with low-impact living. From up-cycling to conscientiously tidying up (we’re looking at you Marie Kondo), using your space in a mindful way is popular. And you don’t need to go off grid or build a tiny home to take advantage of small space trends. Many city dwellers and an increasing number of suburban dwellers are attempting to make the most of a smaller spaces. A lot of people simply just want to increase the functionality of their homes. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite small living tips that make a big impact. 

Window seats

Creating seating areas by windows helps to create warmth and is a perfect way to utilise a space surrounded by natural light and any views. You can achieve this through the use of window seats, chairs, or chaises. There are many possibilities! And if you create a built in window seat it can also be a place for extra storage underneath. 

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Space saving door storage 

Step up your organisation game for hats, scarves and jewellery by locating racks and hooks on the backside of a closet or interior door.  Not only will these items be easily accessible when trying to plan outfits, but they can be displayed with decorative flair. 

Wardrobe door storage

Wheeled storage 

From bar carts to industrial trolleys, there’s a range of compact wheeled storage ideas for corralling collections of items or used as extra working space. Carts are easy to move, so they can be rolled out for use and tucked away as needed.

Vertical Greenery

No garden? No problem! Try a DIY wall planter to give your home lush greenery inside without taking up any counter or floor space. Use an empty wall for your vertical garden and the space will instantly feel more tranquil.

Electronics Charging station

This is certainly not just for small living. No matter how much space you have to work with nearly every household can benefit from having a dedicated space to keep digital gear. Always have cords, chargers, adapters, connecters, dongles and ‘what’s-a-ma-whosits’ at the ready to power up.  You’ll combat cord creep by inserting concealed charging stations wherever they’ll come in handy. We suggest a divided drawer, decorative box or stand near a power source in a hallway, office or a family hub like the kitchen. Especially good if your home enforces a ‘digital curfew’ in the evenings. 

DYI Device Charging station

More DIY Charging station ideas here

Fold-out dining table or desk

If your home is a little too restricted to fit a full sized dining table, space-saving furniture is the way to go. Use a table that swivels away under the counter or extends out. Whether you need seating for guests, a work desk or to create some extra counter space to chop vegetables, a multi-purpose hide away surface is incredibly useful.

Swivel kitchen top

Bedside ledge 

More often than not you’ll find that in tiny homes and small apartments there is no room for a bedside table. But that’s no issue if you get a little creative. For instance, try a simple bedside ledge instead! It may be smaller than a full table, but you’ll have enough room for your phone, a book and a mug of tea… small living doesn’t mean missing out of creature comforts. 

Bedside ledge for small space

Whether your home is big or small or somewhere in between we all want to make the most of our space. You don’t need to downsize or build a tiny home to take advantage of small living tips and tricks in your home. 


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