Kitchen Trends 2018

Thinking of renovating your kitchen in 2018 but don’t know what’s on trend?  Don’t worry!  We’ve done the legwork for you below, so you can pick and choose what may work in with your plans.  See something you like?  Then don’t forget to bring it up with one of the many kitchen experts that’ll be at the Christchurch Home Show!

Darkness Not Light

Forget white high shine surfaces of 2017, on trend kitchens in 2018 celebrate a return to the dark side through using matte gray or black colour set against a muted stainless steel or textured wood backdrop.  If all that dark sounds a little overwhelming for you, then introducing pops of colour through the placement of indoor plants and main appliances can give you a nicely contrasting lift.

That Sinking Feeling

Keeping in with the darker theme in 2018, the kitchen sink has moved away from the classic white or stainless steel to a more textural finish.  Grey granite or even concrete is definitely a current trend.  For benchtops, marble retains its place as top of the list due to its classic sophistication and durability.  However, if marble feels a little too subtle (and pricey!) for your taste, then consider colourful terrazzo. This durable composite material is perfect for countertops, backsplashes, and floors – plus its available in an extensive range of colours.

Super Simple

Clarity is key in kitchen design for 2018; handle-less cabinetry that allows you to keep as clear a worktop as possible is essential to this trend.  Cupboards and drawers that can hold and re-organise things for you like spice jars, oils or paper towels will keep your food prep area free for culinary creativity.  Plus a clear benchtop has the added bonus of creating the illusion of a larger kitchen space (ideal if your kitchen is a little on the small size).

Open Storage

Following on from the above, and often seen in commercial kitchens is the use of open storage.  This works well in the hospitality environment because it allows for everything to be accessed easily at the right moment.  From a home kitchen perspective, the principal is the same but also allows you to showcase or highlight some of your favourite kitchen pieces in an open space as opposed to hiding them away forever in the cupboard.


Having a plan for your kitchen lighting is important, task lighting for cooking areas, and more ambient options over the eating / dining area.  Placed on the underside of storage cabinets it can help to highlight and create an extra level of interest in a backsplash.  In 2018, the classic double or triple pendants set above the kitchen island are switching over to a more asymmetric, dramatic setup of lighting – allowing you to create mini vignettes or to highlight your favourite kitchen objects.

For more inspiration and ideas on how you can reinvigorate your kitchen space; head to the Christchurch Home Show, 23 – 25 March 2018 at Horncastle Arena.  Get free expert advice and inspiration from more than 140 leading industry experts and suppliers – secure your tickets through