Garage Clear-out in 6 Steps

With the arrival of Spring, there’s a tendency to start a spring cleaning frenzy around the house BUT read this before you tackle your garage clear-out! We’ve got this garage sorting business sorted.

For most of us, the garage is more often than not a home for hoarding. It’s where we tend to hide anything away that we don’t want cluttering up the inside of the house. The end result, of course, is that we’ll continue to add in boxes and stuff until it almost becomes too crowded to even park the car! With summer on the way, we’ve compiled five quick tips to help you declutter quickly and systematically, to ensure your garage is both safe and easy to use all year round.

Home for the Weekend

First up is to set aside a weekend for ‘the great clear-out’.  There’s no point trying to sort out the garage one night during the week after work.  See if you can’t rope some help along the way in the form of family or friends to make the job even quicker!

Zoning Out

Next up, set out clear areas for your garage space.  For some, the main goal might be just to clear out enough stuff to park two cars inside.  For others, it might be creating a dedicated area for tools or gardening equipment.  Decide what items you need to be accessible and what things can be stacked up high out of the way.

Safety First

Garages tend to be the home of more dangerous household items, like sharp objects and toxic or flammable liquids. Keep these items out of reach of children. Toxic and flammable materials should be stored in suitable containers that are clearly labelled (never store them in glass jars which can break and spill the liquid, or in ordinary plastic containers that can deteriorate).

Sort, Stow & Scrap

This is the hardest part – deciding what to keep and what to get rid of.  Ask yourself what really belongs in your garage and what’s just taking up valuable floor space.  For most of us the garage is the home of tools, outdoor gear, bikes, and Christmas decorations – things like books, old clothes and décor items that aren’t being used can be let go i.e. donated or recycled.

Keep it together

Now you’ve cleared some of the clutter, start grouping like items together. This will make finding things a lot easier and faster then rummaging through a seemingly endless line-up of boxes every time you’re looking for a measuring tape (we’ve all been there!).  If you have a lot of different size screws or nails, put them into an organiser with compartments as it’ll make finding the right size nail so much easier.

Clear Ground

Enlist the use of hooks, racks, cabinets, and shelves to hold stored goods and get into the habit of keeping the garage floor as clear as possible.  You’ll be amazed at how this promotes a clean, safe, and well-organized garage space!

Once your garage is clear you’ll be left with space to get on with your summer DIY projects – so come along to the Canterbury Home Show, 13th – 15th October at the Horncastle Arena, Addington for all your OTHER home improvement project advice and inspiration.  See for details.