Colour trends to dress up your home

Want a fashionable colour for your home this season? Splash your walls with one of the most popular trends for 2016. Bold pops of colour and dusty shades are very much on trend, with an emphasis on oranges and yellows, blues and blue-reds, black and near black. Think vibrant magenta pinks too, and a renaissance-inspired palette of azurite, indigo and ultramarine (blue palette), malachite, verdigris and earthy green (green palette), and luminous lead-tin yellows and shades of umber.

“Bold pops of colour and colour blocking are definitely a trend,” says Resene colour consultant Rebecca Long. “And it’s a great way to inject colour into any situation.” But we are also seeing soft colours too. Soft greys are on trend for both the interior and exterior of your home.

Feeling blue?

One of the biggest colour trends is the blues – rich, deep, and glossy blues, as well as soft greyed- and sea-washed blues. These blues inspire relaxation as well as harmony, and pair well with many colours. Deep shades such as indigos and traditional Cape Cod blues are often paired with whites, creams or silken silvers, while fresh cerulean blues ground the more powdery tones.

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Green with envy

Olive greens, lime greens, dusty greens and deep and earthy greens – when it comes to green, anything goes. Earthy and nature-inspired greens are very much on trend.

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Greys are as strong as ever, but they’ve recently become more of a feature than a complementing colour. Comfortable weathered greys are finding their way into fashionable homes, with colour combinations of granite grey colour tones and soft or dark leafy greens. Try an elegant stone-grey like Resene Transmission with the soft warm-edge grey Resene Triple Black White and the traditional clean timber green of Resene Permanent Green. Or complement greys with dusty grey-blues for modern interior design.

A new trend: Greige

It’s not grey and it’s not beige – it’s greige, the ultimate neutral for top-dressed homes. “Greige is a mix between grey and beige and it’s perfect for those who want a grey but with the warmth of beige,” says Rebecca. Even in darker tones, greige is warm and inviting, creating a sense of coziness.

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Bold pops of colour are being used in exciting ways to create drama inside and outside the home. Muted palettes are being enhanced with shocks of neon or bright hues in paints as well as fabrics. Think vibrant yellows and oranges, lime greens and citrus greens, and hot pinks among others.

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Soft pastels

Call them dusty, smoky or frosted, these soft pastels are a huge trend. Tone down their sweetness with olive brown accents or dark touches of aubergine and mushroom, or pair them with neutrals.

Your home is your haven, so choose colours that both calm and create confidence – and add a little bit of fashionable pop.

COLOUR TIP: The key is to be a bit more clever in how you bring in colour: use bold colour behind bookshelves or inside cupboards so that you see only a glimpse of colour. Or use it on a statement piece of furniture that might sit in an entranceway.