Brilliant bathrooms without breaking the bank

Spring is around the corner, I promise! But if you are saving your pennies for other things, there are plenty of quick refreshes you can do to make your bathroom look luxe for less, no demo necessary…

The simplest thing to change the look and feel of your bathroom is to replace the shower curtain.  Transparent ones make the space feel bigger, whereas a pattern can truly make a statement and tie the whole room together.

Replacing dated fixtures and fittings is a great way to easily revive the look and feel of a bathroom. Choose ones that uplift your current décor, like a modern matte black basin tap, rose gold shower head or brass handles to make a vanity pop.


Optimise vertical space by installing a new mirror, they add depth and light to the room. It doesn’t  have to be big or ornate, just something as simple as a round mirror instead of a rectangle or the stock standard wall-to-wall mirror can really shake things up.

The key to adding ambience in your bathroom is with colour. Trends have moved on from the pastels so popular last year to a rich palette of navy, mustard, terracotta and royal green. Continue the theme through with accessories such as soap dispensers and toothbrush holders. Don’t be afraid to use different shades of the same colour. Where you can, take the chance to add soft furnishings like rugs for textural dimension.

Indoor plants improve air quality, add a lively touch and sometimes a fresh scent. Some plants don’t fare well in the bathroom because of the humidity but others, like potted palms, positively thrive for the same reason.  Peace lilies are very easy to maintain and don’t need much sunlight.  The Snake plant or Mother-in-Law Tongue is hardy and does well in any environment, and best of all it doesn’t need frequent watering.

Use art to show your personal style. It might not be terribly practical, but if you clean frames regularly and switch them out fairly often, it’s totally worth it. Like most places in the home, art can truly elevate a space to the extraordinary.

For the final touches, mix and match patterns and textures in accessories like towels to create an eclectic but stylish alternative to matching sets. Add luxurious accessories like trinket trays, marble tumblers and artisanal soaps. You’re sure to love the outcome of an eclectic combo.

Job done, and you haven’t broken the bank!  Reward yourself by indulging in some ‘me’ time in your fresh new bathroom.

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