Bathroom Trends 2018

We know that the bathroom is always a key renovation feature of any home; if you’re looking to renovate yours this year, then we’ve got five key trends to keep in mind when putting your budget and plans together!

1) Mirrored focus

The old bathroom mirror has finally shifted from its place as a standard square stamped above the bathroom sink to a more artistically hung focal point.  Rounded styles that utilise minimal framework are very popular in 2018, as are recessed timber-framed mirrors above the bathroom vanity that may also feature an integrated open shelf.

2) Basin Statement

The basin that’s mounted atop of the vanity bench remains a popular option with renovators and decorators alike.  The good news is that the options are endless.  Colour, texture, pattern and shape are yours to choose from.  If you’re wanting to bring a little bit of glam into the bathroom space, consider a metallic basin and enjoy how the light reflects off it, taking your basic bathroom to a whole other level.  If that’s a little extreme for your tastes, pair back the drama through using some statement tapware.  Muted rose gold and matt black are popular options here!


3) Intelligent bathing

Though we all love the idea of incorporating a little luxury into our daily ablution, the reality is that the bathroom still needs to retain its functionality.  Subtle technology may be your answer here – anything from sensor activated toilets with self-cleaning ability to high-tech showerheads with customised spray settings, aromatherapy levels or mood inducing lighting through use of tiny LEDs, all are fantastic at getting the basics done but in an aesthetically pleasing way.


4) On Show

There is a place of simplicity in bathrooms, particularly if yours is lacking space – but keep in mind that the trend for 2018 in bathrooms is to have your personality on show.  Whether that’s through some carefully chosen open shelving to reveal some of your favourite ornamental bottles or beautiful towels, or through placing baskets or indoor plants in key areas – the key to remember here is not to overdo it and end up over cluttered!


5) Considered Colour

Neutrals will be neutral forever, but as we’ve seen above in 2018 its ok, or even expected to introduce some personality or originality to your bathroom area.  And the best way to do this in either a discreet or statement way is with colour.  This can be incorporated into your grouting, tiling, vanity, basin, wall colour, tapware and of course accessories.  Colours on trend for 2018 include a spectrum of blue from darkly moody to light sky filled.  Blush pink is making a marked comeback as well are hints of mermaid green and warm metallic.

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