A Hygge Home

Pronounced ‘hooga’ this increasingly popular Danish concept translates roughly into English as ‘cosiness’.  Said to be making homes nicer and people happier, the act of living in a state of hygge is helping Denmark rapidly climb the ranks of becoming one of the world’s most happy countries.   Now that the weather is cooling down here, it’s the perfect time to embrace the hygge movement and look to incorporate it into all aspects of your home in readiness for those winter months!

Decorate simply

A key aspect of a hygge home is that it is simple, free of clutter and a subtle mix of harmonious colours.  It is a home of calming, serene spaces and a place that can be enjoyed in the company of friends and family whatever the occasion.  A trick to creating space is using clever, hidden storage options – when you introduce these into the main living areas of your home, you’ll keep things easily decluttered and open.

Create a spa sanctuary

Take your current bathroom from speedily efficient to something that is more indulgent and rejuvenating – that is the hygge way.  Enjoy your daily cleaning ritual whether that’s through ambient lighting in the bathroom, placing candles around a steaming hot bath, hooks for fluffy bathrobes on the door, or even look at installing a sound system through which to play your favourite music as you get ready for the day or wind down at night.  Warm textures like wood and earthy tones all help to create a space that is restful and calming.

A restful bedroom

A Sunday morning doze or reading the paper in bed with a coffee is what hygge is all about.  Creating a cosy bed-nest to snuggle up in that includes plenty of layers, like duvets, blankets and pillows for a place to relax and enjoy these moments of serenity is key to a hygge bedroom.  Mix textures like white cotton sheets and chunky knitted blankets, soft colours and fabrics to enhance that feeling of warmth and relaxation.

A hygge backyard

Hygge is not just limited to your indoor spaces, transform your backyard into a hygge zone of happiness by gathering around a fire pit or other focal point.  Bring in some softer planting and warm lighting to create a sense of ambience, swap out your rigid picnic table for a more intimate seated area, and break out the faux fur blankets, some mulled wine or hot chocolate to encourage good conversation on a cool winters evening.

Candle ambience

One of the most essential and inexpensive ways to introduce hygge into your home is through lighting candles which automatically help to create a cosy, warm ambience.  Set them out on the balcony, place them on your kitchen windowsill, put them in the fireplace, on your dining table – wherever takes your fancy, a candle’s warming glow lifts the mood and creates a sense of hygge wellbeing.

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