2019 Trends

If you’re planning on updating or renovating your home this year, here are a few of the home décor trends top interior designers say are going to be big in 2019 and into the twenties. Which do you like best?


Industrial chic has become a long-term trend in the world of design, with love for everything raw and unfinished, rusted and weathered seeing a return to a masculine feel in interiors.  Celebrating beauty in anything mechanical, furnishings with a nostalgic twist and materials like concrete that are widely used and affordable meant we could all get the look in our homes. This trend continues in 2019 but with the introduction of soft, feminine touches for spaces that are strong and sophisticated without losing warmth and asymmetry. You will see a blend of traditionally masculine materials like metal and brick juxtaposed with coloured fabrics and light yet textured upholstery; a focus on brighter lighting to ensure spaces feel less like a man cave and curvaceous shapes to contrast with hard lines.


New Zealand is a nation of outdoor lovers… and why not, when it is such a beautiful environment to be in? The popularity of outdoor kitchens has risen alongside our love for entertaining, allowing space for guests to gather and socialise while food is prepared rather than crowding indoor kitchens that are usually getting more compact. If thought is given to year-round comfort considering shelter, warmth, lighting, seating and eating surfaces, an outdoor kitchen can extend your living space and add value to a home.


Natural and sustainable materials are the future of furniture and textiles.  Quality can be an investment at the purchase end unless you look to the recycled and refurbished, reducing demand for cheap new products created solely for short term use. Bamboo and other fast-growing wood products are already highly favoured and other materials conscious of the processes used to make them and their end-of-life impact on the environment are popular with the eco-conscious (which should be all of us).


We saw a lot of matte black in recent years making its way into our kitchens and bathrooms in the form of wetware and appliances. This year you can expect to see it moving into other parts of the home as the new neutral, adding stylish contrast to interiors that will remain timeless. Flat paint finishes are showing up everywhere — be bold and add a dark matt-painted wall to enhance the textures in your room, or brush a coat of charcoal paint on an old piece of furniture to give it a fresh look, while also hiding nicks and scratches. Once you go black you’ll never go back…


Terrazzo has long been a trend in composite countertops and floors; but it’s taking over the walls, furniture, homewares and bedding this year. While it may infer the nostalgia of Grandma’s kitchen, this retro finish was popular long before the ’70s, with roots in ancient Egyptian mosaics, terrazzo was a mainstay in Venetian architecture, incorporating marble pieces in mortar for stylish 18th-century paving. Whether you choose a large floor or benchtop for the terrazzo treatment or homeware items, terrazzo inspired prints or wallpapers, it’s confetti-like appearance adds a touch of happiness to any pared-down space.

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