We deliver a better build for the builder, the home owner, the community and the environment. Helping create better homes and better futures.

selectSIP manufactures prefabricated structural insulated panels for our unique CodeMark accredited building envelope system. The selectSIP system is helping create exceptionally warm, dry and safe homes our whānau can thrive in. Homes built faster and smarter and well above the industry standard. Homes for all New Zealanders.

With twenty years of development and product refinement for the New Zealand market, SelectSIP has created a 5th generation structurally insulated panel (SIP) system that has redefined the building standard. Our portfolio of construction projects showcase homes built to extremely high structural, energy efficient and environmental standards with no compromise on design, helping deliver on our promise to build for a better NZ.

We want to do better for Kiwis by providing healthy, safe, environmentally sustainable homes. Homes built using our prefabricated, panelised system are helping our stretched system overcome significant challenges facing New Zealand’s housing and construction sectors.

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