Pools for Canterbury

The Compass Pools brand was introduced to Christchurch in 2003, and are the licensed distributors for New Zealand. The technology behind Compass Pools means that they are the cheaper, easier to run, safer, and cleaner pool choice for New Zealanders.

Their range includes X-Trainer pools, plunge pools, vogue pools, fast lane pools, spa pools and spas that come in a variety of colours. With a super tough ceramic core, billuminite surface and a circulation system that means it cleans itself - Compass Pools are the safer, cleaner and healthier pool choice.

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Special - $100 voucher for The Little Big Tree Company

Book a site visit with Deacon and receive a quote for a new Compass pool and you'll then receive a $100 voucher for The Little Big Tree Company- Christchurch's premier supplier of large trees and shrubs.

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