Pool Land

Pool Land is locally owned and operated and has been selling and servicing Swimming Pools and Spa Pools for the last 25 years.

Our range of imported spa pools use the latest technologies with XSPA Spa Touchpads, Controllers and Heaters, and American Lucite acrylic shells.

All our spas come with Ozone water purification included, making your spa easy to look after. >.

We know that if you have never owned a spa or pool before, looking after your water chemistry can possibly be a little confusing. We have a digital lab in our shop where we take a water sample from your tap, run it through our lab and the lab prints out a very easy to follow step by step instruction sheet showing you how to take care of your spa water chemistry and you are welcome to bring in water samples for further testing as often as you may like.

Our spas are imported built to our precise specifications, for your enjoyment and piece of mind.

We carry a large number of spas in stock at all times so delivery or collection can usually be arranged very quickly.

All our spas come complete with lockable cover, we offer a large range of spa accessories, such as steps, cover lifters, aromatherapy fragrances etc, many of which can be seen here on this website.

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