NZHL is a home loan and insurance provider that approaches things a little differently. We’re a purpose driven (financial freedom, faster) organisation that saves Kiwi’s millions in interest costs every year.
We do this by providing personalised service with continuous coaching, a smart home loan and insurance structure, and advisory support and tools that put clients in control, all 20,000 (and counting) of them!
With around 70 locally-owned businesses right across New Zealand and 20 years plus experience in the market, NZHL is a ‘Passionately Kiwi’ (that’s one of our values) business comprised of more than 300 people.
We were founded by Hamilton businessmen John Erkkila and Murray Ferguson in 1996, with a view that there had to be a better financial way for New Zealanders to get ahead and beat the traditional banking system, while also ensuring sufficient insurance protection. And so, the smart home loan structure, supported by an insurance protection was born.
What we are offering through the home show is a free comparison with your current home loan structure, showing you how we could take years off your mortgage, and potentially save thousands in interest costs!!

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