Energy Saver Homes

Energy Saver Homes is your partner for building an energy-efficient and unique home. They specially design homes for New Zealand conditions that save energy and are warmer in winter months and cooler in summer months.

They provide bespoke solutions for individual client needs, while guaranteeing significantly lower home running costs. It’s the perfect combination: affordability, comfort and convenience.

Energy Saver Homes is proud to offer clients excellent service. They design your home to suit your needs. This means making sure your heating system matches your insulation levels for the perfect level of comfort for you. They’ll also make sure your home, lifestyle, and local climate are all balanced to provide the best solution year-round. They use passive solar techniques and natural ventilation to keep it natural and healthy, and energy efficient design principles so the Earth is healthy too. They design to NZGBC Homestar standards and provide you with a Master-Build Guarantee.

They’re dedicated to client communication and make sure you feel like you’re in a partnership, with regular updates during the entire process.

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