Andrew Gill Wallpaper

Christchurch-based Andrew Gill is a qualified wallpaper hanger and painter and has more than 20 years’ experience. He is one of New Zealand’s leading wallpaper specialists.

Andrew has taught more than 1000 people the art of wallpaper hanging and trained staff at Resene, Aspiring Walls and Guthrie Bowron stores across the country. He has lectured at ARA and written for Master Painters NZ.

Andrew loves the transformative nature of wallpaper and the instant atmosphere it brings. Precise to the millimetre, Andrew is a self-confessed perfectionist and is highly recommended by interior designers across NZ.

Today, Andrew’s passion and precision for flawless wallpaper hanging continue. Whether you require a feature wall, single room or your entire home papered, you won't regret Andrew Gill completing your wallpapering. Get in touch with your enquiry

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